30 Nov 2018
Players of the Match, week commencing 26th November 2018



Given for: -

1st X1 Football

E Hudson

For excellent shot stopping.

2nd X1

O Stuart

For having a great work rate.

Colts A

M Blincoe

For excellent defending.

Colts B

The whole team

For being unbeaten all season.

Colts C

O Bowen

T Porter

For scoring a great goal.

For making some excellent saves.

Colts D

A Green

For scoring 4 goals

Colts E

J Bomphrey

For all-round great play.

Colts F

J Wright

For great positional play on the pitch.

Colts G

No Match

U9 A

T Maltarp

For scoring a goal and for displaying super work rate.

U9 B

F Lloyd

For displaying a fantastic work rate.

U9 C

S Bendle

For good goal-keeping and pitch play.

U8 A

The whole team

For a strong solid performance.

U8 B

J McDonnell & H Brown

For good all-round play.

U13 Hockey

No Match

U11 A Hockey

T Smith

Voted for by the opposition for good all-round play.

U11 B

No Match

U11 C

No Match

U10 A

V Medlen & L Blincoe

For displaying a good work rate, tackling and dribbling.

U10 B

The whole team

For a fantastic 2nd half of the game.

U10 C

S Cook

For displaying a great work rate.

U9 A Netball

G Owen

For working really hard and good passing and intercepting.

U9 B

P Malin & A Jassi

For excellent all-round play.

U9 C

T Carman

Voted for by the opposition.

U8 Green

E MacKay

Voted for by the opposition and for moving well in the circle.

U8 Black

E Soper

M Elliott

Voted for by the opposition and

for moving well on the court

For great defending.

U8 Blue

M Murray & A MacRae

For great movement on the court.