16 May 2019
Athletics Match vs Sevenoaks Prep

Monday 13th May 2019
St Michael’s v Sevenoaks Prep Athletics Match

The weather was kind and it turned out to be a lovely evening for athletics – sunny, fairly warm and dry! This event has been running for many years and is always enjoyed by both schools.

The competition was, as always, very fierce and many of the track events were extremely close. The long jump events were won by Sevenoaks Prep. The ball throw events were won by St Michael’s and there were only 4 points between the two schools in the track events!

The final result put St Michael’s on 380 points and Sevenoaks Prep on 368 points – once again – really close!

Well done to all of the pupils who took part and a special mention must got to the U13 girls relay team who took the school record for this event with a time of 1.00.84 min, beating the old time by just a few tenths of a second.

Mrs Wade

Full results:

Monday 13th May 2019

St Michael's v Sevenoaks Prep Atheltics Match

St Michael’s

Sevenoaks Prep



Performances of SMS pupils

U9G 60m

1st - E MacKay - 10.01secs

3rd - N Ogle - 10.74secs

U9B 60m

1st - F Lloyd - 9.1secs

3rd - C Buff - 9.37secs

U11 G 100m

3rd - S Friis - 15.45secs

4th - A Bowyer - 15.68secs

U11 B 100m

2nd - J Wiseman - 14.33secs

4th - J Sales - 14.66secs

U13 G 100m

1st= E Powell - 14.52secs

3rd - H Roderick - 15.25secs

U13 B 100m

2nd - T Adesanya - 14.02

3rd - R Friis - 14.25secs

U9 G 600m

2nd - E Bingham - 2.18.26min

3rd-I Pennington Legh-2.20.78min

U9 B 600m

3rd-J McDonnell - 2.24.46min

4th - C Hunter - 2.36.11min

U11G 800m

2nd - L Blincoe - 3.10.54min

U11B 800m

1st - M Cameron - 2.45.61min

2nd - O Bowen - 2.52.15min

U13 G 800m

2nd - B Sinclair - 2.54.67min

3rd - P Parker-Swift-2.57.01min

U13 B 800m

2nd - K Cameron - 2.41.94min

4th - G Schooley - 2.45.07min

U9G 200m

2nd - M Murray - 37.13secs

3rd - G Owen - 38.15secs

U9B 200m

1st - L Bowen - 34.74secs

4th-I Premachandran-41.08secs

U11 G 200m

1st - I Gascoyne-Day - 33.76secs

2nd - M Smith - 34.68secs

U11 B 200m

1st - J Sales - 31.77secs

2nd - S Newton - 32.56secs

U13 B 200m

2nd - K Cameron - 30.53secs

3rd - T Adesanya - 30.71

U 9 G Relay

1st - 1.14.54min

U9 B Relay

2nd - 1.11.42min

U11 G Relay

2nd - 1.07.67min

U11 B Relay

1st - 1.02.34min

U13 G Relay

1st - 1.00.84min NEW RECORD!

U13 B Relay

2nd - 1.00.47min

U9 G Long Jump

1st - E Bingham - 3.31m

2nd-I Pennington Legh-3.17m

U9 B Long Jump

1st - C Buff - 3.18m

4th - C Hunter - 2.88m

U11 G Long Jump

3rd - E Jones - 3.48m

4th - S Friis - 3.20m

U11 B Long Jump

2nd - M Cameron - 3.75m

4th - A Paizes - 3.52m

U13 G Long Jump

3rd - B Sinclair - 4.16m

4th - E Powell - 3.85m

U13 B Long Jump

2nd - R Friis - 4.25m

4th - J Crossley - 3.95m

U9 G Ball Throw

1st-T Parkinson-Bonard-21.10m

3rd - G Owen - 15.00m

U9 B Ball Throw

1st - L Bowen - 30.47m

3rd - F Lloyd - 22.56m

U11 G Ball Throw

1st - I Neave - 29.20m

2nd - I Gascoyne-Day - 26.30m

U11 B Ball Throw

1st - S Newton - 48.90m

3rd - J Wiseman - 30.06m

U13 G Ball Throw

2nd - P Parker-Swift - 35.67m

4th - H Roderick - 20.50m

U13 B Ball Throw

1st - G Schooley - 51.20m

2nd - J Crossley - 49.75m

Very well done to all pupils who took part in this exciting event!