20 Sep 2019
Players of the Match, week commencing 16th September 2019



Given for: -

1st Football

J Maloney

For scoring a hat-trick in the 1st half


C Mottram

For scoring 2 goals and for good passing


T Porter

H Owen

For excellent outfield play

For displaying great energy and finding space

Colts A

T Smith

For keeping a good shape in the game

Colts B

T Anglin

For passing some good balls out of defence

Colts C

B Cosgrove & O West

For displaying good commitment

Colts D

O Gasson

For enthusiastic play

Colts E

N Dandeniya

For great play

Colts F

L Clapham

For excellent goal-keeping

U9 A

J West

C Wilson

For great play

For great control in mid-field play

U9 B

J McDonnell

K Loukam

For scoring 4 goals

For solid mid-field play

U8 A

W Pennington Legh

For good positional sense and playing with his head up

U8 B

I Vanghese

J Gagg

For scoring a hat-trick

For making a great save

U8 C

J Osborne

For making a great effort

U13 A Hockey

P Parker-Swift

For good stick work

U13 B Hockey

C Sturges

For scoring 2 goals

U13 A Netball

A Mourgue D’Algue

For great play in the shooting circle and in the centre court.

U13 B Netball

F Griffin

For great centre court play.

U13 C Netball

L Griffiths

For super all-round play.

U11 A

No Match

U11 B

No Match

U11 C

No Match

U10 A

E Bingham

N Stinson

For great play and skill

Voted for by the opposition

U10 B

A Stevens

Voted for by the opposition and for great shooting

U10 C

No Match

U9 A

A Brown

For great defending

U9 B

E Wood

Voted for by the opposition

U9 C

K Rutherford

For superb defending

U8 A

No Match

U8 B

No Match