27 Sep 2019
Players of the Match, week commencing 23rd September 2019



Given for: -

1st Football

T Adesanya

For controlling the tempo in the middle of the pitch


C West

For giving a solid defensive performance


T Bulley

For having a great attitude and never giving up

Colts A

J Wiseman

For giving a superb defensive display

Colts B

L Poracchia

For great goal-keeping

Colts C

K Loukam

For showing great pace and scoring 2 goals

Colts D

E Green

For giving great effort throughout

Colts E

L Lattimer

For giving his all throughout the game

Colts F

L Clapham

For excellent goal-keeping

U9 A

J West & D Booth

For making a superb effort

U9 B

J McDonald & G Dulski

For showing great determination

U8 A

A Lutzow

For showing resilience and never giving up

U8 B

X Staples

For having a “never giving up” attitude

U8 C

O Nathan

For good goal-keeping

U13 A Hockey

E Collings

P Parker-Swift

For superb, solid defending

For displaying great skills on the ball

U13 B Hockey

C M Pape

L Summers

For great defending

For scoring a goal and showing great tenacity on the pitch

U11 A

V Medlen

For giving a good all-round performance

U11 B

F Merralls

For scoring a hat-trick

U10 A

E Bingham

I Pennington Legh

Voted for by the opposition

For all-round good play

U10 B

A Stevens

A Ulens

Voted for by the opposition

For showing good movement and spacing

U10 C

R Bedzrah

A Madgett

Voted for by the opposition

For great tackling

U9 A

A Clapham

For all-round good play

U9 B

M Elliott & N Ogle

Voted for by the opposition

U9 C

M Murray & O Padilla

Voted for by the opposition

U8 A

No Match

U8 B

No Match