08 Nov 2019
Players of the Match, week commencing 4th November 2019



Given for: -

1st Football

K Cameron

For displaying incisive attacking play and a fantastic left foot half volley goal!


N Staples

For scoring a hat-trick!


O Goodwin

For displaying great energy and effort

Colts A

J Moore

For a strong defensive display

Colts B

B Cosgrove & L Bowen

For good defensive play

Colts C

C Hunter

J Pathiwill

For strong defending

For good mid-field play

Colts D

R Browne & S Ward

For an outstanding defensive display

Colts E

N Dandeniya

For making a great effort

Colts F

E Crane

For excellent play and for never giving up

U9 A

T Warren

For brilliant all-round play

U9 B

G Dulski

For being great in attack and defence

U8 A

R Stevens

For showing calmness on the ball and keeping his head up trying to find the right pass

U8 B

C Thornhill

For fantastic defensive play

U8 C

G MacIntosh

For great defending

U13 A Hockey

T Vafai

E Ward

For showing tenacity on the pitch

For chasing back to make a second tackle

U13 B

E Jones

For displaying great tenacity on the pitch

U13 C

H Pope

C Sturges

Voted for by the opposition

For having a “never giving up” attitude.

U11 A

A Ogle

L Blincoe

Voted for by the opposition for great play

For good attacking play

U11 B

M Noorpuri

Voted for by the opposition for great play

U11 C

No Match

U10 A

G Owen

E Bingham

Voted for by the opposition

For making a great effort for the whole game

U10 B

A Stevens

For showing great attacking play and scoring 3 goals.

U10 C

No Match

U9 A Netball

M Pape

For great all-round play

U9 B

S Cameron

E Wood

Voted for by the opposition

For great play in all positions

U9 C

No Match

U8 Green Netball

No Match

U8 Black

No Match

U8 Blue

Alice Pink

For great all-round play and scoring 4 goals